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Selenium is primarily a testing tool (free and open source) that helps automating browsers and web applications. This technology provides software testers a portable software testing framework. Selenium Provides a record facility called Playback for authoring the tests without learning any test scripting language.

The usage of selenium is not just limited to testing, but also help to automate routine, boring web-based administration tasks with ease.

Why should one get trained in Selenium?

Increasing Demand for Selenium Professionals

Due to the current and increasing need for automation, the demand for the skill set is also increasing. Top companies like Dell, HCL, Wipro, Ford, IBM, HP, Intel, Redhat are using selenium to do test automation.

High Pay Scale

Automated testers are paid more than the regular testers. It is found from sources in internet that the average salary for "selenium tester" ranges from approximately $67,087 per year for Quality Assurance Analyst to $93,398 per year for Software Test Engineer.

Ample Career growth

There is ample scope for career growth as you can start career with Software engineer and grow as Manager or Automation Architect which is having huge demand.

pre-requisites for learning this course

You need to know either Java or C# to learn this course. If you don't know those, don't worry. We are offering those courses, you can join them and learn along with this.