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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which is one that everyone will remember after the Internet revolution. It is a distributed ledger technology that deals with transactions in a safe, secure and transparent way.

Why should one get trained in Blockchain Technology?

Revolutionary Technology

Being a combination of distributed technology + security + shared ledger this is robust and revolutionary which will change the way the transactions are handled.

Huge Demand

Blockchain developers are in short supply and hot demand. Among the top 20 fastest growing job skills, developing Blockchain distributed ledgers for businesses was recently ranked second and postings for employees with those skills grew more than 200% last year.

Heavy Salaries

Salaries for Blockchain developer or "engineer" positions are accordingly high, with median salaries in the U.S. hovering around $130k a year; that compares to general software developers, whose annual median pay is $105k.

Huge Potential

This is the latest technology and has lot of potential to change things to improve the productivity. As it is still in early stages, whoever learns this technology will have the leading opportunity.

pre-requisites for learning this course

Strong desire to learn, Your own laptop and knowledge of any programming language. Don't worry if you don't have knowledge in programming language, we are offering them on fast track basis.